Personal Finance News


Personal Finance News
  • Elvis has left the building … but the show must go on!

    Elvis has left the building … but the show must go on! One random Wednesday morning, I was checking my spam email folder and came across an interesting message. It was from a guy saying he worked at “Soapbox, a Motley Fool company.” He said that he checked out some of my writing, liked my positive vibe, and wanted to talk about an “opportunity to become the new face/voice of a blog they recently purchased.” This didn’t

  • Farewell, my friends!

    Farewell, my friends! Well this is The Day, my friends!! 12 years, 3 months and 17 days since writing my first post here, and now it’s time to say farewell! Eek! We sure had fun though, didn’t we??? And got a lot OLDER in the process? Lol… I started this blog in my 20s and ended in my 40s! With kids and a mortgage and a dog! 🙂

  • Ask Me Anything!

    Ask Me Anything! Hey guys!! Tomorrow’s my last day here!! If there was anything you ever wanted to ask me, now’s your shot! 🙂 Can be about money, biz, love, life, kids, mohawks – whatev! If I can legally (and consciously) answer you, I will 😉 Drop your questions down below in the comments or via email, and I’ll answer each and every one of them and then

  • “My financial journey began when my father passed away 1.5 yrs ago”

    “My financial journey began when my father passed away 1.5 yrs ago” Morning, fam! So we got this entry into our giveaway-palooza last week (winners listed here btw), and after reading it I couldn’t help but pry a little and share her story 😉 Here’s her original note below, followed by my peppering of questions which led to a bunch of great tips and resources from Kylee. Hope this helps you along your own journey! J-MONAY! Good

  • How I Built and Sold My Amazon FBA Business For 7 Figures

    How I Built and Sold My Amazon FBA Business For 7 Figures [Morning y’all! Recently found out that a former personal finance blogger sold his Amazon FBA business for roughly $5,000,000 (!) after starting it only 5 years ago (!!), so if you’ve ever been interested in running an FBA, this post is for you! From Jon Elder who now helps others manage their Amazon businesses over at] ******* It is such an honor to write

  • The Lifetime-Net Worth-Simulator

    The Lifetime-Net Worth-Simulator Happy Memorial Day everyone!! While you’re out reflecting and celebrating today, let me suggest another fun (and FREE) activity to include for your enjoyment: Filling out this Lifetime-Net Worth-Simulator! From a new blogger on the scene, Money Is a Solved Problem, who wants to help in his own way of giving you freedom 🙂 And considering it’s only his 2nd post on the blog, I’d

  • Getting my wife on board with the FIRE lifestyle

    Getting my wife on board with the FIRE lifestyle [Happy Friday! Please enjoy more backstory on our man Joel who will be taking over the blog here shortly! See you back on Monday for one last week of hanging out together! :)] ******* It’s a common question in the personal finance community … “How can I get my partner on board with Financial Independence?” Tough to answer, because everyone’s relationship is a little different.

  • My Favorite Reads This Month 💎

    My Favorite Reads This Month 💎 Morning! I don’t know why people keep saying they have so much more time during these quarantine days than normal as it’s only shrunken for us (these kids nip at us 24/7!), but if you’re one of those fortunate ones, perhaps some of these articles will help you pass the time more enjoyably 🙂 Below’s a mix of my favorite financial and lifestyle reads from

  • Financial Sayings I Wish Were True!

    Financial Sayings I Wish Were True! Here are a bunch of financial phrases I wish were true, along with some that I’m glad are not. If you ever wondered what I do on my spare time, this is it 🙂 ****** Being worth your weight in gold At gold hovering around $1,770/oz currently, I’d be worth approximately $4,956,000! Having a license to print money Yes please! Cash cow That would be

  • Clearing out my “blogger” shelf [GIVEAWAY!]

    Clearing out my “blogger” shelf [GIVEAWAY!] Been cleaning out my “blogging” shelf and found a few more goodies for y’all 🙂 If you’re interested in anything here, just tell me which one – and why – and you’ll be entered to win it! Threw in a fun one there in the end for anyone needing a little one-on-one help… XOXO ****** #1. “The Money Tree” Book Chris Guillebeau’s new book he

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